How to Join Graviton

Step 1:  Schedule your free intro consult

  • We provide a free consultation for anyone interested in starting their fitness journey.

  • The intro consult is a 30 min consultation so we can get to know you better and recommend a fitness program to meet your goals.

  • We explain our training methodology, answer your questions, and determine if there is a fit for us to work together to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Step 2:  Meet your coach session

  • After your intro consult, you will meet your coach for a 1:1 private session.

  • Your coach will work with you to  learn more about you, your life, and understand what motivates you.

  • At the end of the session, you will decide for yourself  if there is a fit to work together to achieve your personalized health and fitness goals.

Step 3:  Start your fundamentals plan

  • This is an exclusive special offer, personal training plan, for those new to our training facility.

  • You and your coach will work together, one-on-one, to create a customized plan for your fundamentals plan. We offer a customized approach to introduce you to our training program, methodology and lifestyle.

  • During the fundamentals plan, we will:

    • Teach you the foundational functional movements.

    • Assess your level of fitness using our athletic progression called the Level Method.

    • Teach you recovery and mobility techniques.

    • Teach you weightlifting and olympic lifting movements.

    • Set your personal health and fitness goals

  • Typically, our fundamentals jump start plan is between 6 to 18 personal training sessions. This plan is is designed to get you to our group class on the most efficient and safe path.

Step 4:  Choose your membership plan

  • Once you complete fundamentals, you will have the necessary proficiency to join group classes or start a custom membership plan.

  • You and your coach will decide how many times you should attend classes per week and how often you should meet one-on-one to ensure you stay on track with your personalized plan.

  • The group class will provide an environment where you will be encouraged and supported as your fellow members also strive to achieve their own fitness goals.

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