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Graviton March Madness Fitness Challenge

We’re excited to announce our next community challenge: the Graviton March Madness Fitness Challenge!

If you have never heard of March Madness, this is the annual NCAA college basketball tournament throughout the month of March. A March Madness bracket is the grid of all the teams in the tournament and the path they have to follow to the Final Four and the championship game. In our gym fitness challenge, we will follow a similar game play format, however, instead of basketball teams, we will match up functional fitness inspired “movements” against each other.

How does it work?

Each week, movements are matched up against each other in games. Each participant will select the movement you think will win the game. You must select a movement for each game. After you select the movement, you must complete at least 1 min of that movement. The movement can be completed before or after a class. A Graviton coach must sign off on your bracket verifying that you completed the movement. The movement earns a points every time someone completes 1 min of the movement in class. The movement with the most points and the end of the week will advance to the next round. All movements must be completed at the gym and verified by a coach.

How do you win?

It’s a gamble. You must select the movement you think most graviton members will complete each week. You must predict the outcome of each game in the challenge. Your predictions are compared against others in the pool, and whoever has the best prognostication skills wins the contest.

How is the challenge scored?

Each movement gets 1 point for every 1 min of the movement completed.

What are the prizes?

There is no buy-in for this challenge. Everyone fills out their own individual bracket. There will be prizes for winners each week starting after the round of 64. Prizes will escalate as we get closer to the championship game.

How do I get started?

Pick up a paper bracket at the gym. Pick all your movements. Complete at least 1 min of each movement. Ask a coach to sign off on your bracket.

Game Play starts this Sunday, March 8th (Selection Sunday!)

Schedule and Dates:

Selection Sunday is March 8th. Pick up a bracket starting next week and the gym and make your picks for the round fo 64.

  • Week 1 (Round of 64) begins March 8th to March 14th.

  • Week 2 (Round of 32) begins March 15th to March 21st.

  • Week 3 (Round of 16) begins March 22nd to March 28th.

  • Week 4 (Round of 8) begins March 29nd to April 1st.

  • Week 5 (Round of 4) begins April 2nd to April 5th.

  • Week 6 (Championship) begins April 6th to April 10th.

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