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How The Level Method will jump start your fitness journey

Many of us have simple and clear fitness goals, but the roadmap to achieving those goals is often unclear. A well-designed exercise plan needs at least three things: 1) an objective goal (final destination), 2) a sequential progression to make gradual improvements (good directions), 3) a baseline assessment (your current location). At the Graviton gym, our CrossFit training program includes all three of these things with The Level Method.

What is The Level Method?

In brief, The Level Method is a fitness tracking system and method of athletic progression. After completing initial baseline assessments, Graviton gym members get a clear overview and snapshot of 15 different categories that measure functional fitness movements, absolute and relative strength and aerobic capacity. In addition, the Level Method includes a ranking framework that is similar to a martial arts belt system. At Graviton, a big colorful poster on the wall shows all of the categories and levels. This poster is called the “MAP” or method of athletic progression. In the Level Method app, each gym member receives their own customized report that details their overall fitness level, energy systems, strength and levels category breakdown. This report shows a visual representation of individual strengths and areas of improvement.

This poster is called the “MAP” or method of athletic progression.
This poster is called the “MAP” or method of athletic progression.

Train smart.

At its core, The Level Method is science-driven and based on key energy systems grouped by their bio-energetic pathways. Currently, over 100 gyms in the world partner with the Level Method group. The Level Method athletic progressions are calibrated using over 200,000 data points. Graviton members log and access their results using an app.

Train safe.

The Level Method progression has built in safety rules. These rules are perfect for beginner athletes and those new to functional fitness and CrossFit. New athletes will not do anything they are not ready for and will move as fast or slow as they choose. There are many rumors that functional fitness can be dangerous. The biggest reason for this is when there are no guidelines or rules in place so inexperienced athletes do things before they are ready.

Train with a purpose.

After a member obtains their levels, they get customized workouts in their daily programming. Using Level Method results and chatting with our coaches, our members know exactly what to do in every group exercise class. Workouts have clear goals and our coaches are there to help answer questions and guide members during the class. The Level Method also allows our coaches to provide more customized feedback on how to address and progress overtime.

The Level Method is ideal for beginner and intermediate athletes who need guidance.

Fitness can be overwhelming and confusing. Most people don’t know what to work on in the gym. They don’t know where to start, and they probably don’t have real, specific and concrete goals. The Level Method provides a clear path, with incremental steps that lead to improved fitness and health. In addition, using individual Level Method results, our trainers can deliver precise and accurate instruction and feedback during our small group classes.

Start the process of knowing and defining your fitness journey. Book your free introductory consult today.

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