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Our commitment: Defy Gravity and Do Good.

Running, lifting, jumping, pressing- all of these movements are ways for us to "defy gravity." Given our namesake, defying gravity for increasingly greater lengths or time or with more weight is clearly a big part of our mission as a CrossFit gym. However, finding ways to root this practice of "defying gravity" in a community is the other critical part of what we are hoping to achieve with our members.

This take three main forms. The first is building connections between coaches and members to build trust and drive progress. The second is strengthening connections between members- it is nearly impossible to see someone else in the class finish a workout that has been particularly challenging or to witness their first pull up, and to not

cheer for that person to celebrate their efforts. Your box-mates become your fitness family. And third is a commitment to "do good."

As owners, we also see a responsibility to our community at large, be that Arlington/Medford/Somerville, the CrossFit community, or groups and organizations that matter to our members. Both Vince and I come into this with lots of positive experiences volunteering and organizing community events. Since we started, this engagement and commitment to “do good” has been sewn into our event planning and sponsorship

activities. We want to infuse our fitness space with a sense of responsibility to creating and promoting health in its many forms.

Have an idea for a new way for us to contribute to the community? Contact us and let us know!


Eileen and Vince

Owners, Graviton CrossFit

PS. Still interested in learning more about the science behind the Graviton? Check out this article on The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Gravity

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