Personal Training

Are you looking to get back into fitness? Do you want to work with a professional coach to help you achieve your health and fitness goals?

We understand that beginnings can be scary. Everyone has different strengths and limitations which require a custom approach to maximizing your athletic potential.

Personalized training at Graviton includes one-on-one sessions and workout programming tailored specifically for you and your needs by your coach. Your coach will be there to answers to your questions and hold you accountable to ensure you continue to hit your goals. Your coach will also provide training overviews and support needed in your athletic journey.


This program is the most personalized and interactive program we offer at Graviton. We offer 60 and 30 min sessions. In addition, we offer customized membership plans that include both personal training and group classes.

Group Fitness Classes


This is our classic CrossFit program that includes a dynamic warm-up, skill or strength training, and workout of the day “WOD” and mobility. All workouts can be scaled to meet your current fitness level. Our high intensity training workouts combine a variety of functional movements including everything from cardio and gymnastics to power lifting and Olympic lifting. Each class is intentionally structured to be varied so that the body is continually exposed to different movement combinations, time domains, and modalities. *Our one-on-one fundamental prep course is a pre-requisite for anyone with no prior CrossFit experience.

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