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Nutrition & Personal Coaching

Nutrition personal coaching is our most universally beneficial premium service to get you the best results as soon as possible. Your plan is based on your lifestyle and goals. This plan includes daily online nutrition tracking and accountability, meal planning assistance, and before and after biometrics measurements using our InBody body composition scanner. In addition, you will receive:​

Every Week

You will receive individualized strategies, feedback on your food logs, answers to your questions from the previous week, and guidance on what to focus on for the next week. Your coach will provide you with information, motivation and tips and check in via email.

Every 4 Weeks

Every month, you will receive a 20 min phone or Zoom call with your coach. You will work together with your coach to assess your progress and celebrate wins from the prior month, address areas that need focus, and discuss what to focus on to progress for the following month.

Every 12 Weeks

You will meet with your coach in-person to complete a re-assessment. During this assessment you will work with your coach to re-take biometric measurements, complete an InBody scan, progress photos, and discuss a plan for the next 12 week cycle.

Body Composition by InBody

Find out what you’re made of and track your progress! At Graviton Fitness, we pride ourselves on delivering measurable results for our clients. Our goal is to help everyone who walks through our door achieve optimal health. The InBody body composition analyzer is one tool we use to ensure the people we train are progressing in a meaningful way.

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