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David Kim, Coach Spotlight Story

By now, you likely have had the pleasure of meeting Coach David. David joined us this spring and we think he is just the bee’s knees- he’s certainly physically powerful but also incredibly kind, persistent, and funny. And he’s got a busy September in front of him- he is getting married to his sweetheart in just a few short weeks! Read on to learn more about how Coach David came to be, well, Coach… David.

David has always been a sports-oriented person; he swims, he’s played rugby, he loves powerlifting. And it seems like this was something that was encouraged by his family- his dad made a weight set for David and his brother using cement buckets and steel pipes, how cool is that? After teaching English in Korea, he discovered a love for teaching and, combined with his athletic experiences, got certified to coach. Thank goodness for us! He’s loving watching the strength and energy of different members improve over time based on coaching he’s given them (we love it too!).

David’s commitment to the “personal growth and understanding” aspect of training is part of what makes him such a good fit here at Graviton. His biggest challenge is not a specific lift or shaving seconds off of his mile time, but rather working through how to deal with fatigue.

Many athletes, including myself, push too hard too fast without the necessary time to recover and I often found my progress stalling or injuries occurring. What really helps in preventing overtraining and fatigue accumulation is proper programming. This is something that I believe is necessary for the longevity of any athlete, no matter their level, and I really appreciate that Graviton programming is awesome in this regard.“

Relatedly, when asked about his biggest fitness accomplishment to date, he said learning when to push and when to rest, and how to assess personal growth within a training program. So what comes next for this sage coach? David is pursuing a 1500 total (meaning that his combined max squat, bench, and deadlift is 1500 pounds. I will wait for your jaw to come up off the floor).

Beyond the gym floor, David is a really impressive guy. He speaks not moja, not deux, not tres, but FOUR languages! He is also currently in graduate school at Brandeis pursuing a Master’s in Conflict Resolution. He’s got a great dog, Babu, and loves any type of meat but particularly Korean BBQ. And in his spare time, he loves taking long rides with his partner.

I always like to ask what folks would say to someone who is new to the gym and David has a very wise soundbite:

“Commit for one month and you’ll be happy, commit for three months and your life will change.”

Cheers to you David, so glad that you are a part of our team! Many, many happy wishes to you for a wonderful wedding day and a lifetime of love!

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