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Edson Rojas, Member Spotlight

Edson has been with Graviton since March of 2020 (that’s right... he joined right before the pandemic started!). Before Graviton, Edson felt like he needed a change in his daily routine and wanted to get more active. He had always wanted to try Graviton because he enjoyed lifting weights, so he decided to come check out what we were doing at Graviton.

Edson knew he had found the right place when, throughout the early stages of quarantine, Vince (our wonderful owner) reached out to him to check-in constantly. Edson felt like he had just joined a community of some very special individuals who really cared about each other. After a few months of online Zoom workouts, we finally made it back for in-person classes and Edson felt right at home. The first few months were tough, Edson explained, getting the hang of brand new movements and trying to stay consistent. But soon, Edson settled right in and found his groove. He realized that for himself, coming in 3 days / per week just wasn’t enough. To get the results he wanted, he needed more consistency, so he’s been trying to hit 5 days / per week ever since.

Edson, originally from Peru, has been living here for 8-9 years and is the Head Chef at Gustazo in Cambridge. Edson actually went to school for law, but, decided to follow his passion for cooking, something he always loved doing growing up, and has built an amazing career for himself. From the start, Edson was always looking to grow, learning from others and working his way up to a head chef position. Edson is in the process of opening up a brand NEW restaurant in the Back Bay area (serving all seafood). VERY exciting! Stay tuned for updates so we can all go and try his new, delicious menu.

Edson’s favorite thing about Graviton is the community engagement, that’s what keeps him coming back. He found that coming in to see the same friendly faces every day and getting to know them on a personal level and working out with them is the BEST kind of accountability. Edson’s goal for his first year at Graviton was to just get familiar and comfortable with all the new movements. He has absolutely achieved that goal and is now looking to take it to the next level. Applying his corrections, and most importantly, narrowing in on weaknesses. Turning those weaknesses into STRENGTHS!

Edson’s best advice to someone new to Graviton is to learn from his important lesson on consistency. Come in 5 days per week. Put in that extra day and you will see improvements and results. He also advises new members to take it slowly and be patient with yourself! Take the proper amount of time to really learn each movement. Understand how your body works and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You can always add weight and intensity on top, but master the basics first. Fitness training means something very different to each person and their body. Find out what it means for you. We’re all on our own journey, but, here to support each other’s goals.


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