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Brian Doyle, Member Spotlight

Brian is one of the MOST consistent members of the 6:15 AM class since he joined in Sept’20 and is frequently featured on our “Committed Club Board”. After long months of the “pandemic work life” (work, eat, sleep, repeat), Brian wanted to get more active to help relieve the stress. Living right down the street, he decided to take the plunge and check out Graviton (after finding positive reviews online praising Graviton’s “inclusiveness”). With no Group Fitness experience, he was unsure of what he was getting himself into - but with a strong running background (and a dedication to learning and improving) Brian quickly adapted to the new fitness routine.

Prior to Graviton, Brian went to a more general gym where he had trouble consistently going. Brian mentioned, “there’s no one there to hold you accountable or make you WANT to come back”. Graviton has provided Brian with strong connections that make him want to come and workout EVERY single day (he actually has to force himself to stay home and take rest days now...).

Getting stated with a new fitness routine can be challenging. Brian mentioned that the initial one-on-one (JumpStart) sessions he completed at Graviton before joining the group classes were incredibly helpful, “It made the transition into group classes much smoother”.

Brian has experienced so many “AHA!” moments at Graviton, after giving attention to improving form / technique, all of the pieces of the puzzle come together and it all makes sense! Brian also mentioned how he was afraid to do certain heavy lifting movements (such as the Deadlift) by himself without any guidance. But with the supervision and help of Graviton’s coaches, Brian’s been able to perfect his form and lift heavier weights than he ever imagined!

Brian loves the variety of the workouts here at Graviton. When working out by himself, he would reuse and recycle the same workouts. But at Graviton, he is constantly kept on his toes and challenged by each workout. He was initially intimidated by the idea of a group exercise setting, but, has been so happy with how “kind and inclusive” the environment feels at Graviton. Brian mentioned, “It’s so amazing to have other people around you who inspire you, hold you accountable, and give you their 100%. No matter how “meh” you may feel that day, these people around you will motivate you.”

Brian is originally from California, but, came to Boston for college and then moved back here in 2019. He is the Director of mRNA Process Development at Moderna. A company you may have heard of recently? 2020 was obviously a very busy (but incredibly rewarding) year for Brian’s work – and he noted how special it was when his parents received the Moderna vaccination. Not only do we house some amazing athletes here at Graviton, but we have real life SUPERheroes too!

One of Brian’s many Graviton accomplishments is completing his first “Brown” level workout. Then Level Method Athletic Progression we use is based on colors (think Tae Kwon Do belt colors) and Brian started with all Yellow workouts at Graviton. Now, his goal is to hit one “BROWN” workout each week (which is our most advanced version). Brian also crushed his “Rowing Test” hitting over 5,000 meters in 20 minutes. Amazing!

What Brian won’t tell you... is that he has such a great attitude about everything and ALWAYS stays humble. Qualities that have helped him get these incredible results. He is constantly hungry for improvements and challenges, pushing himself to be a better athlete every single day. We greatly enjoy having the opportunity to work with Brian as he continues his fitness journey!


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