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Alicia Antakli, Member Spotlight

You can always catch Alicia at our 6:15am or 7:15am classes! A frequent member of our Committed Club, she is an absolute rockstar who puts in the work every single day since joining us in August, 2020. Alicia began her fitness journey in 2017 with other Boston-area gyms before finding her way to Graviton. We’re so glad she found us!

Alicia moved to Boston 6 years ago from Venezuela (she didn’t get a “warm welcome” - remember that terrible 2015 winter with record snowfall?), but, thankfully she’s still here with her family (plus two sisters and her husband, Jon) and works in Human Resources.

Alicia is on our SUPER Committed Club for consistently attending 15 or more classes per month in 2020!

Alicia’s favorite thing about Graviton is the PEOPLE. She has always loved the group fitness environment but has now found a strong, kind and generous community here at Graviton. Having a group of supportive and motivated people around her has been crucial, especially during these isolated times. She’s grateful for the great coaches who are supportive, instructional and always open for questions.

Alicia’s favorite movement is the “Kettlebell Swing” which hits almost every major muscle group, making it a very efficient exercise. It improves cardiovascular endurance, increases power and athleticism (especially in the glutes and hamstrings) and works on muscular endurance.

Alicia is currently working on her Double Unders (a fun, but CHALLENGING, jump rope movement). Her long-term goal is to complete all workouts in the “Blue area” of our Level Method MAP which we use to assess and prescribe specific workout movements and weights.

Alicia’s advice to someone brand new at Graviton is to “stay consistent”, show up for yourself and to class on a regular basis. And when you immerse yourself in our community, you’ll want to come back every day to see your “people”.

Alicia and Jon at the top of the podium in our Yellow Division at the Graviton Throwdown

Alicia’s husband, Jon, recently joined our night crew for group classes after making a splash at our first-ever Graviton THROWDOWN (a fun, friendly competition) last November. Alicia and Jon came in 1st Place in their division at our Graviton Throwdown. It was amazing seeing them work together and take home that victory!


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