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Sarah Brown, Member Spotlight

Sarah joined Graviton in June 2020 upon moving to the Arlington area, having been involved in functional fitness for a short term before that. Driven to continuously learn and improve, Sarah loved the 1:1 attention she got with Vince during her orientation before joining the Small Group Classes.

Sarah's is on the SUPER Committed Club attending 15 or more classes for 6 months in a row in 2020!

Originally from Andover, Sarah plays the piano and lived in Denmark for a while during college! Now Sarah works in HR at a pharmaceutical company and she credits her HR background for a deep appreciation of receiving feedback for expanded learning. She appreciates how “hands-on” the Graviton coaches are (although with some pandemic modifications!) and how they keep all members safe and help them to progress.

Sarah values “progress over perfection” (I LOVE THAT!) and that’s what keeps her coming back to the gym…. along with the strong community that makes you WANT to come back and keeps you accountable. Sarah has been enjoying our Thursday Night Olympic Weightlifting class with Coach Priya – and appreciates this opportunity to break through the outdated mold of what female-identifying athletes should be doing in the gym. She loves doing more heavy lifting because it makes her feel like a “BADASS” (and who wouldn’t?).

In January 2021, Sarah attend 19 training sessions!

Sarah says Graviton isn’t just about sweating and burning calories, it’s about getting strong and more functional – and that can be empowering for everyone! “I’m a very goal-oriented person (sometimes maybe too much so). In a year when pretty much all of the goals I had set for myself had to be put on hold, I am SO thankful to have found Graviton, a community that not only provided me a place to work out, but that coached, supported and cheered me on to meet at least one of my goals I set at the beginning of 2020 – get stronger!”

Sarah’s advice to new members? "Ask for feedback. No one will judge you. This community is so welcoming – ask the person next to you who might have done this for years and learn from THEM as well as the Coaches." Sarah lives and breathes feedback – learn to give it and learn to take it. That is growth.

In January, Sarah achieved a new Level Method personal record for Aerobic Power Intervals!


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