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Todd Dowrey, Member Spotlight

Todd discovered Graviton in his Arlington neighborhood back in May ’19 and has been a consistent member of our 5:30pm class ever since.

Todd is on the SUPER Committed Club for consistently attending 15 or more classes per month in 2020!

Todd is currently earning his PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Boston University. Before starting school this fall, he was a Lab Manager in Dr. George Murphy’s lab in the Center for Regenerative Medicine at Boston Medical Center/Boston University. Right at the start of the pandemic, his lab validated an in-house COVID-19 screening test for the hospital to use and screened over 2,500 in-patients with less than a 24-hour turnaround time. At the time, other testing avenues were limited to much slower turnaround times, sometimes up to 14-days. (This guy is wicked smaaht...)

Todd enjoys skiing, hiking, and cycling (on the Arlington bike path when it isn’t snowing...!). Pre-COVID, he went on 3​-day bike trips where his team would do 160 miles over the course of the entire weekend! (My quads hurt just thinking about that.)

Todd loves working on his weaknesses and on new skills. He likes gymnastic movements and recently has been working on Muscle Up. He noted how amazing the Olympic Weightlifting sessions are on Thursdays with Coach Priya. He has been focusing more time on his mobility work, which plays a key part in weightlifting.

Todd’s favorite thing about Graviton is the accountability and motivation. “Working out with a group of people makes things so much more enjoyable. When you work out with your friends, you don’t want to let them down OR sell yourself short”. Todd notes that it’s easy to become stagnant doing the same movements and rep schemes when you work out on your own – and so he enjoys the variety at Graviton.

Todd has been an active member of Graviton since April, 2019!


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