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Stephen Bradley, Member Spotlight

This month’s spotlight is Stephen, a friendly, funny software engineer who is coming up on his one year Gravitonniversary!

An Irish native, Stephen graduated from college and decided to come to America “just for a year” and here we are, four years, two jobs, and a new apartment later. We had a lovely time chatting about life both in and out of the gym.

There was not a big event or moment which drew Stephen to try Graviton. He describes himself as not a particularly sporty kid and that he started doing some stuff at the gym during college that he pulled from the internet, but that he never really felt like he was pushing himself or that he knew what he was doing. It was time to try something new. Fast forward to his first session with Coach Vince and he remembers feeling like he had no awareness of his body, a feeling that is familiar to many of us as we learned our first barbell movements! Stephen said he has really focused on form before adding weight (I swear i didn’t tell him to say that!). And this has paid off, as he shared that he’s feeling more comfortable and that he’s gotten some great feedback from Coaches David and Vince recently that’s been a great confidence boost!

Before joining, Stephen was concerned that other members might be throwing around barbells or be really competitive, neither of which he was looking for. Now, he loves that Graviton is a welcoming environment for people of all abilities and that people are focused on their own goals and progress. For folks who are new to Graviton, Stephen recommends being consistent, listening to your coaches, and working on form before adding weight. Nothing I can disagree with there!

When he is not chasing after successfully stringing together some beautiful double unders (his current movement goal!), Stephen loves watching movies and going to concerts; he’s got tickets to five upcoming events in the next month! And if you’re going to a concert with Stephen, be ready to arrive early and for a tremendous view, as he sits front and center for the best experience. Stephen has really missed going to the movies these past few years and from the sound of it, would be an excellent source of recommendations for your next movie night, especially from the sci-fi or horror genres.

Since he’s been here a few years now, I asked if there were foods from home he missed. He was quick to point out that the chocolate and sweets are just better at home and that, despite being Irish, he’s not a big tea drinker so not much to miss there. At the end of the day, though, he said it’s the simple home recipes he misses most. No one will ever make anything better than stuff his mom makes. Can’t think of a sweeter note than that to close on!

Stephen, you are an absolute delight. We love having you workout with us here at Graviton!


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