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The Difference Between Graviton Programming Levels – Explained

Whether you are brand new to fitness training or an experienced athlete, the truth is that your training program design is very important. We’re going to provide an overview of our two programming levels at Graviton and explain how they will lead to different outcomes and why someone would choose to pursue one level vs the other.

3 things to consider when choosing a program. First, the program design must fit your overall goals and objectives. What do you want to get out of the training? Second, the program must make sense for your lifestyle. What are you prioritizing in your day-to-day life? Last, the program must be designed using principles that are mutually agreed upon between the coach and the athlete. What program design theory is your coach using to build the program, and would you agree with those foundational principles?

Why do you train? This is a question that we ask during our Free Intro sessions at Graviton, “What does success look like for you in our training program?”. The answer to this question will help us understand if there is a mutual fit to work together and determine the programming level that would make the most sense to follow. Typically, we’ve found that most folks follow one of two paths.

Train for Life. This is our BLUE level. The primary goal for members following this programming level is to continue to gain strength and fitness for life! They are approaching fitness with a focus on consistency and long-lasting health benefits. Members that follow the blue level want to look good, move well and feel amazing in their day-to-day life. These members are probably not training for any specific competition or sport outside of our training program. Typically, Graviton is their primary fitness training program and activity.

Our train for life (blue) level members also need to consider important lifestyle choices. Many of these members live busy professional and/or family lives outside of the gym. Because of their other roles and responsibilities, they simply cannot be 100% super dedicated to focusing on training. We all lead multifaceted lives, if we invest 100% of our physical energy every day into exercise, then something else in our lives is likely not going to get our 100% investment. In other words, members that follow the blue level consider their other priorities in life.

Our goal is to help you use fitness training to improve your daily functions in life and promote health and longevity. If you’re looking to achieve vitality, then you do not need intense efforts for years on end or to try and express your maximal physical potential every time you step into the gym, you just need to be consistent. When you start to reflect and understand the Why behind your training, you’ll find more gratification and joy in each training session.

Train for Sport. This is our RED level. The primary goal for members following this programming level is to train for competition and sport specific gains. These members are approaching training with the goal of achieving the highest level of fitness needed for their competitive pursuits. Typically, the red level is for a member that has been training 2-3 years and is experienced with more advanced and complex movements.

Our train for sport (red) level members also need to consider important lifestyle choices. Because members following this tract are more likely to be pushing toward performance and seeking maximal physical potential, there needs to be a super concentrated focus on recovery, preparation, nutrition, and sleep. Obviously, everyone should include these considerations, but, if you are training for performance, then what you do when you are not training in the gym needs to be focused on preparing you to perform again the next time you step into the gym. Many of our members that pursue the red level find joy in training for local competitions in the sport of CrossFit. Additionally, some of these folks enjoy other competitive sports like Triathlons and obstacle course racing.

Programming for Intent. A well-designed strength and conditioning program is thoughtfully put together with an understanding of the intent of the individual that is doing the training. Take a few minutes to reflect and answer this question, are you training to be fit for life or are you training for sport/competition? And does this approach support your lifestyle?

Interested in learning more about our training program at Graviton? Whether you’re an experienced athlete or looking to jumpstart your fitness, Book your free intro session today.

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